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Marcia Cole Walker, a native of South West Florida now lives in East Tennessee with her husband. Her interest in art started very young. She walked around with a pencil when she was three, amazing her family by putting her then limited world on paper. That continued through her growing up and moved into her love of animals. After a while, horseback riding and training with her husband took a lot of her time, and art took a back seat. This changed as she shivered during an unpleasant day in Tennessee where she was breeding, raising and showing quarter horses. On this cold and rainy day the artist was reborn.Her paintings and drawings are wonderful and very realistic. People,who are fortunate enough to have purchased them, love them. Ah, but the story doesn’t end there. Her art work excelled but she wasn’t finished learning. Something more was about to burst out of her. In Katy, Texas, at a horse show, Marcia met a sculptor who became her mentor and she started working in clay. Her interest in animals came from her father who died in a plane crash in 1993. He took her hunting in the woods and she vividly remembers his stories of South African safaris. Through him she developed a passion for the country and its animals. “Surrounded” is her first piece in the “Big Five Series.” She hopes that it will speak to its viewers as it has spoken to her. Marcia’s goal is to have every piece tell its own story. Her inspiration has come from watching and studying nature …. And well, just maybe her father is still inspiring her.